Greek Golden Visa Becomes The Biggest In Europe

Enterprise Greece released data showing that the total number of issued Greek visas rose by 137 in December. As a result, 1035 visas were issued in 2021. This is 10.3% more than in 2020.


Compared to other residency by investment programs, Greece has the most approvals. For example, Portugal issued 865 golden visas in 2021. Programs in the UK, Italy, Latvia, and Spain also issued fewer visas than Greece. Malta, Cyprus, and Luxembourg have not yet provided data.




According to statistics, almost half of the approved golden visas were obtained in the fourth quarter of the year. There is also a noticeable change in the number of dependents. If the average family size in 2020 was 2.1 people, then in 2021 it is already 3.3 people.


Greece offers foreign investors to invest in the country and receive residency in return. Benefits of a Greek residence permit:


  • Visa-free entry to all the countries of the Schengen Agreement practically not limited in time

  • The whole family has the right to live in any country of the Schengen area during the period when the residence permit is valid

  • There is no need to stay in Greece for a certain period of time

  • The right to apply for citizenship after five years from the date of obtaining permanent residence

  • The right to register or purchase his own business

  • The right to educate his/her children in educational institutions of the Schengen countries

  • The right to obtain the permanent residence after five years from the date of obtaining residence permits

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Source: imidaily

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