Golden Visa Demand Will Increase After COVID-19

According to a recent survey, citizenship and residency through investments programs will grow in demand, due to concerns about the coronavirus. Investors will consider these programs as “Plan B”.

The survey involved about 30,000 investors who are interested in participating in Citizenship or Residency by investment programs. More than 36.9% of all respondents said that it was coronavirus that influenced their attitude to the programs and they are ready to consider them. Many respondents who made such a statement suffered economically.

The survey also showed a change in focus for investors. Now, the following factors are considered especially important:

  • safety and security

  • health care system

  • education and ease of business.

A third of respondents said that the pandemic affected the choice of program.

Surges in interest in citizenship and residency by investments programs can be seen as soon as big events which create instability in the country occur. For example, the coup d'etat in Turkey in 2016, or the turmoil in Hong Kong in 2019. In such unstable circumstances, investing in citizenship or residency is an option to diversify assets.

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