Get US E-2 Investor Visa Through Citizenship by Investment Program

Recent changes to the EB-5 immigrant investor program such as an increase in investment and an increase in processing time have led international investors to look for other options. An alternative and best option for such investors looking for ways to invest in the US for immigration benefits is Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) with the possibility to obtain an E-2 visa.

Worldwide, more than ten countries offer Citizenship by Investment Programs, but only three have signed bilateral investment agreements with the United States. Thus, an investor participating in the Citizenship by Investment Program in these countries can apply for an E-2 visa for all family members (age and requirements for the applicant depending on the country of the agreement).

Below we analyze two countries through which it will be possible to apply for an E-2 visa. To learn more about these countries and get a free brochure - contact our staff

1. Grenada

  • Visa duration - 5 years

  • Investments: a donation to the government fund - $150,000 or purchase of real estate in the amount of at least $220,000.

  • The Citizenship by Investment Program in Grenada is one of the longest and oldest programs that has been successful.

2. Turkey

  • Visa duration - 5 years

  • Investments: purchase of real estate worth at least €250,000.

  • This program is quite new since it was launched in 2019. However, in a short period of time, it has shown that there is a demand for citizenship in Turkey and this direction is now actively developing.

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