Family Office Boom In Singapore

Foreign investors are showing more and more attention to the Asian market. They are especially interested in opening a family office, as this is one of the attractive solutions for managing their wealth.


According to statistics, there are currently about 3,700 single-family offices (SFOs), which is 38% more than in 2017. And this figure continues to grow. According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the assets managed by the SFO in the city-state grew by about five times from 2017 to 2019.


Singapore attracts foreigners with its political stability, low taxes, transparency of the regime and geographic location.




Four family offices in Singapore (according to spearswms)


Dalio Family Office

The family office of Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio announced in November that it was time to have a physical presence in Asia after decades of forging relationships in the region.


Vulcan Capital

The family office of late Microsoft founder Paul Allen opened an office in Singapore in 2019, expecting it to triple the share of direct investment in the Asia-Pacific region.


Weybourne Group Ltd

James Dyson's family office was incorporated in Singapore in September 2019 after the vacuum tycoon controversially decided to relocate his firm's headquarters to the city-state.


Sunrise Capital Management

Chinese-Singaporean couple Shu Ping ($ 14.6 billion) and Zhang Yong ($ 26 billion) staged a major coup for Singapore when they opened their family office.


Source: spearswms

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