Entrepreneurship And Innovation Hub Opens In Dominica

Ensuring employment of citizens is important both for the economy and for the citizens themselves. The State’s focus on entrepreneurs is particularly noteworthy, as the future depends on them

According to Prime Minister Dominica Roosevelt Skerritt, Dominica should create local champions. “While this government has done much more for entrepreneurs than any other government, we still need to do more,” added the Prime Minister.

According to Roosevelt Skerritt, even during the pandemic, the government maintained its National Employment Program (NEP), which costs more than US$1.3 million every month. The money that is used for the NEP is received from the Citizenship by Investment Program.

The National Employment Program is aimed at maintaining jobs, developing skills, and increasing human potential, as well as internships for young people.

In addition, the prime minister said the government is improving social security initiatives to ensure the sustainability of existing programs.

Source: wicnews

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