E-commerce can provide you with an excellent opportunity to set up an internationally based business. Such a business can be operated just as easily from around the world as from your spare bedroom. Depending on what is being sold, an e-commerce business is the ultimate portable venture.


You bring the business idea - we bring the legal and banking infrastructure. Whilst the initial reaction may be to incorporate offshore, this may limit aspects of the business such as jurisdictions in which it can operate.

Our extensive experience with e-commerce merchant acquiring led us to set up a separate, distinct process for e-commerce startups. We would first analyze your business and obtain pre-approval with an offshore credit card merchant provider, and only then would we recommend in which jurisdiction to incorporate the new business.

Please contact any of our offices today or use the contact form on the right and ask for our e-commerce assessment questionnaire as a first step. There is no charge for this service.

We also provide this service on a white label basis for other professional corporate service providers, enabling you to add an additional revenue stream while at the same time providing an extremely valuable service for your clients, who will likely be confused by all the options!

E-Commerce services