Due Diligence for CBI Investors - What You Need to Know

In order to become a successful candidate for Citizenship by Investment, and the lifetime of benefits that comes with it, it’s not enough to simply invest in a country that offers such a program. Every investor and additional dependents in the application undergo a rigid due diligence procedure.


Countries with CBI programs are under a great deal of pressure from other stakeholder nations, notably the EU and the USA. This significantly toughens the due diligence process involved in the provision of citizenship by investment services. This means that investors will need to disclose and document their identity, their business, sources of income and all major property and assets they own.



All countries offering citizenship by investment programs place particular emphasis on the need for investors to be trustworthy and with high moral values. It does not matter for which country a due diligence is carried out - each state values its reputation, which means it conducts a thorough analysis of each applicant.


What role does NTL Trust play in this?


Within our company, we have built a serious and deep process of inside due diligence process. We value our reputation too, so before we even take on a client we run our own background checks. Since due diligence is one of the key factors in the successful acquisition of citizenship, we prepare all the necessary documents so that the government of the selected country does not have any reason to questions the applicant.


To successfully pass the verification, the client must provide:


  • Confirmation of no criminal record;

  • Source of funds and documentation confirming this;

  • Confirmation of the identity of the client;

  • Indicators of political or criminal connections (for example, if you have been a business partner in the past of a politician or someobe subsequently convicted of a crime).


The investor will also need to provide information about:


  • Qualifications and education;

  • Association with Companies (shareholdings, directorships etc);

  • Physical address of residence;

  • Employment history;

  • Competencies;

  • Potential Conflicts of Interest.


For our part, we do:


  • Complete analysis of sources of income and wealth;

  • We analyze all possible risks associated with the application;

  • We analyze the risks associated with past activities.


If risks are identified, then we look for ways to solve them, explain them in a clear, simple and honest manner to the decision makers, prepare legal opinions and create alternative proposals.


We would like to separately note that NTL Trust does not distribute confidential information to third parties, but only assists with collecting information that can be shared only with your explicit permission.


Once we have completed our due diligence and prepared all documents for the state, then authorized government organizations and international companies providing due diligence services enter the process.


The most important thing during the verification process is the investor's openness and his/her willingness to cooperate. For our part, we will help you draw up your professional financial profile, analyze all options and find a solution to possible problems. This is our service and the value we add as professional, licensed, local and international agents for government CBI programs.



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