Dominica's Resort Has Become One Of The Best In The Caribbean

Condé Nast has listed Secret Bay as one of the Top 40 Caribbean Resorts. Dominica Resort won the Travelers Readers' Choice Awards.

Previously, Dominica received the award for the best country offering the Citizenship by Investment program (according to the Financial Times' PWM Magazine). The award from Condé Nast confirms once again that the Caribbean country offers not only an excellent citizenship program, but also a high level of recreation.

Launched in 1993, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program offers a number of benefits to investors:

  • Quick processing: A lifetime citizenship and new passport is granted in 3-4 months

  • Privacy: The application process is confidential

  • Low cost: Dominica offers one of the most affordable legal programmes available to the global community

  • Hassle-free: There is no requirement to visit Dominica in order to qualify for citizenship

  • Good visa-free travel: The Dominica passport allows visa-free travel to more than 135 countries

  • Zero tax: The island has no income, wealth or inheritance taxes

The country offers several investment options: make investments in the Economic Diversification Fund or purchase state-approved real estate. Secret Bay is one of the real estate options that an investor can choose.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt said: “…Investing in Secret Bay, you can be assured of your investment. You can be assured of a return on your investment. It is a project that cannot be compared to any other in the Caribbean.”

And his words are backed up by the recent 100th ROI payment made to CBI clients.


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