Dominica is a well-regulated and lesser known Caribbean jurisdiction with a progressive legal framework.

NTL Trust is present on the island mainly due to the Citizenship by Investment Program, but we also offer Dominica incorporations and shelf companies, both independently and alongside the citizenship programme.

The Jurisdiction

  • The government of Dominica guarantees 20 years of tax exemption for an IBC.

  • High degree of security

  • No Annual Report is required which is to say there are no requirement to file annual reports or financial statements.

Key Advantages


The IBC, international business company, also known as offshore company or non-resident company, is fully exempt from taxation in Dominica for its lifetime. The Government guarantees the tax-exempt status for twenty years. No financial reporting is to be lodged with the local authorities. The company is to pay fixed annual fees on the anniversary date to keep in good legal status.

The governing legislation: International Business Companies (IBC) Act 1996 (“IBC Act”).

Dominica IBC