Dominica Will Receive $993.6 Million For Budget

Dominica Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit presented a budget of $993.6 million at a recent meeting. Dominica's fiscal budget for 2021-2022 will be held under the motto "Dynamic Dominica- Building on the past, solidifying our present and securing the future."

“Under the Fiscal Year 2021, the Ministry of Finance received the largest allocation of 266.1 million dollars which is around 40.9% of the total fiscal budget, including $94.8M for debt service implement, $41.5M for retirement benefits, $12.5 m for salary payments for public servants,” writes wicnews.

According to the Prime Minister, youth and the elderly are two important demographic constituents of society, so the government is developing a direction related to them.

“Government injected additional funds into the “Youth Skill Training Programme” and continue to maintain “Yes We Care Programme” for the elderly,” said Prime Minister Skerrit.

The government is following a roadmap for Dominica's development and infrastructure improvements. Foreign investors who participate in the Dominica Citizenship by Investment program are also involved in this development.


According to the Prime Minister, the Citizenship by Investment program continues to positively impact the economy and people's lives.

A foreign investor can invest in a government fund or real estate and obtain citizenship and a passport of that country. Together with citizenship, the investor gets visa-free travel to more than 152 countries, as well as an excellent Plan B to protect him(her)self, his(her) family, and assets.

Source: wicnews

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