Dominica Opens Borders

The Commonwealth of Dominica is set to open its borders to foreigners from 7 August, 2020. However, in order to enter the country, a foreign tourist will need to do the following:

1. Tourists and citizens must test negative for COVID-19 24-72 hours prior to arrival in Dominica.

2. It will be necessary to fill in at least 24 hours before entering the country an online application and obtain a travel permit. Upon arrival in Dominica, foreign visitors will undergo a series of checks, including express testing. If passengers present COVID signals, including a positive test result, they will be quarantined at a government facility or certified hotel.

All measures are necessary, as the government of Dominica is very sensitive to the opening of borders, as Dominica specializes in ecotourism.

As for the coronavirus in Dominica, there were no deaths and 18 confirmed cases.

Dominica is one of the most attractive countries for obtaining citizenship by investment. The country has recently expanded the definition of "dependents" and the program has become even more attractive to investors.

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