Dominica CIP made a huge contribution to the country development

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was impressed by the influx of money into the Commonwealth of Dominica through the Citizenship by Investment program (CBI) and the number of interested investors in it. The program has proven its effectiveness in rebuilding the Caribbean after Hurricane Maria in 2017. In their Concluding Statement, IMF staff noted that the region continues to show high growth and the Citizenship by Investment program in Dominica can bring a positive effect.

According to preliminary assumptions of the International Monetary Fund, medium-term economic activity will be stimulated with the support of CBI. Tourism and agribusiness will also be stimulated, and improved infrastructure will attract foreign direct investment.

“ECCU's GDP growth accelerated to 3¾ percent in 2018, reflecting buoyant tourism and sizable Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) inflows,” said IMF staff.

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The Citizenship by Investments Program in Dominica allows the most respected investors and individuals to obtain a second citizenship by purchasing first-class property on the island or donating to a government fund.

Dominica has shown an incredible ability to attract trustworthy investors and individuals who are looking for valuable citizenship and who are making tangible changes to the country. Building a Global Society is the main focus of the Citizenship by Investment Program in Dominica.

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