Dominica Begins Construction Of a Grammar School Using Money Received From Citizenship by Investment

Construction of a new Grammar School building will begin in the coming weeks with money raised from the Citizenship by Investment program. The Grammar School will consist of four buildings, a badminton court, a football field, a basketball court, laboratories, and a modern art hall.

"Government's continued support of systems and initiatives in the education sector has ensured that learning continues during this challenging period. Government will continue to upgrade our country's educational institutions to ensure they facilitate student learning. In this process, we are also seeking to ensure that programmes of study are aligned with the needs of the economy; promote green technology; and meet the prerequisites of national development and growth," said Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit in his budget address in July.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is attractive to foreign investors because of:

  • Quick processing: A lifetime citizenship and new passport is granted in 3-4 months

  • Privacy: The application process is confidential

  • Low cost: Dominica offers one of the most affordable legal programmes available to the global community

  • Hassle-free: There is no requirement to visit Dominica in order to qualify for citizenship

  • Good visa-free travel: The Dominica passport allows visa-free travel to more than 135 countries

  • Zero tax: The island has no income, wealth or inheritance taxes


Citizenship by Investment programs offer a secure route to a second citizenship. If you are just versed in this topic or already consider yourself as a professional investor, then in our book you can get even more information and find answers to all your questions.



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