Cyprus set a goal to enter the top 30 tourist countries

Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios said that by 2030, Cyprus is going to get into the top 30 world tourism rating of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

Following the presentation of the national tourism strategy, Perdiosis noted that the goal is to increase the contribution of tourism to the country's economy from 2.9 billion euros to 4.5 billion euros per year.

Today, Cyprus takes 44th place in the world among tourist countries (Spain is in the first place).

“We have a lot of work to do in order to make it into the top 30 countries in the world, which is a very important goal for our nation over the course of the next decade,” said Savvas Perdios.

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On January 21, a national tourism strategy will be presented to parliament, which will be based on:

  • establishment of Cyprus year-round tourist destination

  • stimulating tourists to visit not only coastal areas but the whole island

  • make Cyprus a quality holiday destination with all amenities

  • use more digital technology

  • increase tourism sustainability with a special focus on the environment, as many people prefer to chose eco-countries.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism also expressed hope that in the next decade the tourism industry will contribute up to 4.5 billion euros per year to the country's economy.

Also, in the near future will be holding a tourist branding of Cyprus, which "will give an additional boost to the country’s tourism, not only this year but for the coming years."

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