Citizenship By Investment Request Is Becoming More Popular Every Year

The industry of the second citizenship and passport does not stand still. What was popular yesterday is no longer today, and vice versa. Every year more and more people learn about the possibility of investing in citizenship so the number of requests is growing. This is indicated not only by the requests that we receive every day but also by statistics.


For example, look at the screenshot above. Over the past 5 years, requests for "Citizenship by Investment" increased by an average of 3 times. At the same time, requests for a “Second Passport” and “Second Citizenship” remained unchanged.

Why is it so?

Firstly, the work is done by companies that offer such services. In recent years, the number of articles about citizenship by investments has increased, pages on social networks, interactivity, and so on.

Secondly, countries' programs offers. They are constantly upgrading offers, investment options, and conditions so that each investor finds the perfect option for themselves. Plus, countries are constantly signing agreements with different countries to abolish the visa regime.

Thirdly, the situation itself suggests investing in citizenship. People began to worry more about their future and the future of their family, as well as assets. Citizenship is one of the methods of protection that investors are increasingly using.

What is most interesting for a particular country citizen?


If you look at popular queries, the map looks like this:


  • Citizenship by investment - 30%

  • Second passport - 34%

  • Second citizenship - 36%


  • Citizenship by investment - 29%

  • Second passport - 45%

  • Second citizenship - 26%


  • Citizenship by investment - 100%


  • Citizenship by investment - 100%


  • Second passport - 100%


  • Citizenship by investment - 27%

  • Second passport - 48%

  • Second citizenship - 25%

United Kingdom

  • Citizenship by investment - 25%

  • Second passport - 67%

  • Second citizenship - 8%


  • Citizenship by investment - 44%

  • Second passport - 56%


  • Citizenship by investment - 56%

  • Second passport - 37%

  • Second citizenship - 7%

And if you look separately for each request, then the picture in the world looks like this:

Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment

Second passport

Second passport

Second citizneship

Second citizneship