Citizenship by Investment In Real Estate To Transform Vanuatu's Tourism Sector

Vanuatu is set to introduce a real estate option (REO) to its citizenship by investment program.

The Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) has been granting foreign investors Vanuatuan citizenship through a donation option for almost half a decade and is finally about to introduce the REO to shake things up and attract more, different minded, investors to its shores.

The DSP is usually compared to other citizenship by investment programs that lay in the Caribbean, all of which boast donation and real estate components. Now the Pacific nation is set to match the overall investment options of its counterparts.

While demand has been growing for Vanuatu's DSP, mainly because of the simplicity of the program, the Vanuatu citizenship benefits, and Vanuatu accepting multiple currencies as well as cryptocurrency payments, it is continuing to grow its prominence with this new bill that the parliament will vote on. 

The addition of an REO, especially if it takes on the form of investing in shares of five-star resorts similar to what is prevalent in the Caribbean, is set to transform the tourism sector on the Island. 


While Vanuatu does have unparalleled natural beauty, a wonderful gastronomic scene, and endless activities, it does fall behind in the number of name-brand resorts for high-end travelers to pick from. The introduction of the REO will remedy this issue, as multiple luxury resorts which are funded by foreign investment begin to pop up around the island. 

More resorts means more tourism, as well as more jobs for the locals and more income for the nation, which can focus that extra income on elevating the tourism sector even more, making Vanuatu a hub for global tourism. 

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