Caribbean Countries Aim To Attract Long-term Visitors

The pandemic has affected many countries, especially those whose income depends on tourism. This is why the Caribbean countries are taking new steps to attract long-term visitors.

One of the steps is to offer citizenship by investment at attractive prices. Changes in pricing policy were resorted to by Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia. Some offers are limited in time.

Barbados chose a different path and offers foreigners who can work remotely via the Internet the option to stay for a year in the country without a visa  (with only a special stamp). For many, this is an attractive solution, since there are no restrictions on movement in the country  (only mandatory wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing).

The Cabinet of Ministers of Antigua and Barbuda discussed the possibility of attracting new visitors, namely "knowledge workers", for two years.

Grenada is set to lower its tax on air travel for regional visitors in recognition of its development contributions.

Source: caribbeanlifenews

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