Benefits Of Obtaining Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment

What is Citizenship by Investment?


This is a program that allows foreign investors to make their contribution to the country's economy, and in return obtain citizenship and a passport. That is, it is a program that allows each party to get their own advantages and benefits.


Vanuatu is a chain of 83 small, slingshot-shaped islands located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand. The Development Support Program (DSP) was founded in early 2016 and finally adopted by the government in 2017. The main idea of the program is to stimulate the economy, create new jobs and maintain a balanced national budget.


What are the benefits of the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment (Development Support Program)?


  1. Visa-free access to over 100 countries, including all European Union countries, UK, Ireland, and Russia

  2. No tax exchange agreements and guaranteed banking and commercial confidentiality

  3. Ability to apply for an Australian Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) and a US Tourist Visa, among others

  4. There are no residency requirements for successful applicants

  5. The program is great for families. Successful application applies to a family of four (main applicant, spouse, and one child under the age of 18) with a minimum additional dependents pay

  6. All successful DSP candidates will receive a Vanuatu International Company with a Vanuatu bank account at no additional cost

  7. The Republic of Vanuatu does not levy taxes on income, property, and inheritance


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