The Jurisdiction

Why incorporate in Belize?

Belize gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1981 and it is the only country in Central America having English as its official language.

Belize's IBC legislation is modeled on the much loved old international company statutes from the BVI. For a fast, hassle-free and low-cost company formation, where a simple IBC is required, it's hard to beat Belize.

However, Belize has been innovating too. It's less known LLC legislation is giving Nevis a run for its money, and its licensed companies are unique in the world, filling a much needed gap in the market in these days when more and more financial businesses are seeking to be regulated for reputational reasons.


  • Quick processing. Incorporating an offshore company takes 1-2 business days.

  • Low cost of a Belize company incorporation and maintenance.

  • Tax exemption (Certificate available).

  • Belize IBC’s are free from any reporting requirements including annual audits.

  • No requirement for a company secretary.

  • A bank account can be open for an offshore company in Belize or elsewhere without directors being present.

Key Advantages


A Belize IBC is formed under the Belize International Business Companies Act. This piece of legislation was initially adopted in 1990 and further extended and amended in 2000. Belize IBC Act is considered internationally as one of the most modern and user-friendly offshore corporation legislations available today. A Belize IBC is the perfect corporate vehicle for international financial transactions, being especially designed with the offshore investor in mind. Belize´s laws facilitate fast and simple incorporation and its modern and computerized IBC Registry is capable to process a company registration within one hour.

Belize IBC





Belize LLCs were recently passed into law. LLCs are similar to IBCs, except they have membership interest, rather than shareholder stock. 


Belize LLC