Americans Are Actively Investing In Second Passports

The restrictions due to the pandemic and the alarming political situation have led to the fact that more and more Americans want to obtain second citizenship and a passport. This is possible thanks to Citizenship by Investment programs that some countries offer.

Below we will consider the most interesting citizenship by investment programs in which foreign citizens can participate.

1. Portugal

Portugal is popular for its Golden Visa program, through which citizenship can be obtained in a few years. There are several investment options: real estate investment research and so on. Read more below.

Lisbon is an amazing home to tech startups and trendy coffee shops that attract young Europeans looking for an inexpensive, creative, and downright fun place to work.

2. Turkey

An amazing country that is located in Europe and Asia. Investors can invest in real estate and obtain citizenship in 3-4 months. Read more about the program below

3. Saint Kitts and Nevis

The Caribbean is also popular with American investors. The holder of a Saint Kitts and Nevis passport can travel to EU and Schengen countries without visas. There are several options for obtaining citizenship: through real estate investments or the Sustainable Growth Fund. You can add children under 30 years old or parents over 55 years old to the application. You can make citizenship remotely and you don't have to go anywhere. Read more about the program below.

4. Antigua and Barbuda

The country offers to make donations to the National Development Fund, invest in real estate, or the University of the West Indies. The investor can add dependents to the application so that the family becomes the owner of the passport of the country that ranks thirty in the world among all passports.

5. Saint Lucia

With the passport of Saint Lucia, the investor has the opportunity of visa-free travel to 146 countries of the world. The country recently made big discounts for those looking to invest in bonds.

6. Grenada

A foreign investor can invest his money in real estate (from US$350,000) or the National Transformation Fund (US$150,000).

7. Dominica

The cheapest Citizenship by Investment program, where the investor has to deposit between US$100,000 or US$175,000 for a family of four. The country planned to increase the size of investments, but due to the current situation in the world, the idea was abandoned.

Source: matadornetwork

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