African Businessmen Buy Second Citizenship To Move Around The World More Freely

Africa's business market has been growing and thriving for a long time. A large number of African companies have long been outside the continent. Therefore, entrepreneurs have a need to freely cross borders and visit other countries in order to be more competitive in the market.


Alas, African passports create certain restrictions on movement around the world. Yes, they are reliable, but they do not provide easy and visa-free access to most countries in the world.


Citizenship by Investment programs have long been popular with African entrepreneurs. Especially often asked about the Caribbean programs: Dominica and Saint Kitts and Nevis. They have proven themselves well and attract thousands of investors every year.


For example, Dominica is an English-speaking country with a similar lifestyle and culture. At the same time, the country offers to obtain citizenship in a short time (90 days), and with a passport of Dominica, the investor will have access to visa-free entry to 140 countries.