The Company

We develop secure and compliant cross-border wealth management solutions. Our clients are financial professionals, global entrepreneurs, investors and their families: individuals who value a fresh and independent approach by partners who speak their language, based on traditional values such as personal service, discretion and prudence.

Our speciality is holistic international planning. We co-ordinate not just corporate, trust and private banking matters, but we also advise on and implement essential residence and citizenship strategies that are too often taken for granted. We help clients not just with legal tax mitigation and asset protection, but more importantly to manage broader geo-political and macro-economic risk and opportunity, all based on global diversification.


Nevis Trust Limited established as the first trust company on the island of Nevis, where it has been in the business of providing regulated professional trustee, incorporation and international wealth management services ever since.

NTL Trust's founders spent some years travelling the region investigating other jurisdictions before being attracted by the warmth of Nevis and its embryonic LLC ordinance that was introduced shortly afterwards in 1995. The innovative Nevis LLC ordinance is generally acknowledged to be the key factor that propelled Nevis to its current position as a key player for corporate services not just in the Caribbean region but worldwide. 

Nevis Trust Limited changes its name to NTL Trust and started to offer private banking services alongside its existing portfolio of fiduciary and corporate services, and starts processing applications under the Citizenship by Investment Programme of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.

With a growing international recognition of the importance of Citizenship planning, and the growing importance in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis of the Citizenship by Investment program, NTL Trust launches a new dedicated team working on citizenship planning.

NTL Trust opens offices in Riga, Latvia and Hong Kong, China. Becomes one of the first licensed practitioners under the new St Kitts-Nevis Citizenship by Investment Regulations.

NTL Trust Corporate Services Inc opens an office in Panama with a view to targeting the Latin American market.

NTL Trust receives a license to provide Registered Agent service in Belize to IBCs, LLCs and licensed financial services companies.

NTL Trust signs agreement to start promoting the Citizenship by Investment Programme of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Having contributed advice and assistance, NTL Trust is granted a licence as a sub-agent (later upgraded to a full marketing agent licence) of Grenada's Citizenship by Investment program and launches the new programme at a diplomatic reception in London.

NTL Trust becomes one of the first promotors of the new Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme.

NTL Trust launches in Dubai as hub for the booming Middle Eastern market. Obtains license for the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Grenada. Formation of New Zealand trustee company.

NTL Trust starts promoting the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment programme. Launch of NTL Wealth Family Office services in Latin America.


New NTL Trust offices in Istanbul, Turkey and Rodney Bay, St Lucia. Expansion of Hong Kong office into new premises near Science Museum. Launch of new dedicated service of institutional consultancy and correspondent banking services for smaller banks with an emphasis on Caribbean banks.

To be trusted agents and advocates for our clients: representing them to achieve their financial and personal goals.

To remain independent, strong and transparent to all stakeholders.

Always gain the full trust of the Client, to be honest in assessing the situation, choosing solutions and achieving goals. Taking a long term view, eschewing short term profits where a deal does not benefit our clients.


Why NTL Trust?

Banking: We specialize in maintaining a wide banking network that can be accessed by our professional intermediary clients. Besides traditional wealth management facilities, we cater to clients needing commercial banking, active trading, e-commerce, accounts for financial services businesses etc.

On Island Experts: As a truly Caribbean-based company we have our own multi-lingual and multi-cultural experts in the jurisdictions where we do our immigration, incorporation and trust work, and a regular program of staff interchange between our offices. In these days where substance is so important, NTL Trust enables a real, genuine presence.

Multi-Jurisdictional: We bring a mix of traditional trust and corporate expertise backed up by a substantial HNWI immigration business. Our advice and outlook is entirely globalist by default and we realize there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Real Estate: Our separate real estate company, Real Estate + Citizenship, draws together real estate investment and immigration expertise in a specially trained team, that offers white labelling solutions to our professional clients who wish to promote Caribbean citizenship.