A new approach to the tourism business in Grenada

In the near future, the borders of a small but very atmospheric island of Grenada will open. This year, the country will need to prepare even better as the pandemic continues.

What steps is Grenada going to take?

  • Implementation of new health and safety standards

  • Personnel training

As for the second point, at the moment training is already underway in the sectors of food and beverages, transport, and accommodation under the leadership of the Ministry of Health.

Connected to this promotion are:

  • Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association

  • Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Department of Tourism of Grenada.

The training which covers new protocols and rules on labor protection and safety measures, has affected every sector that intends to work with foreigners, taxi drivers, attendants, cleaners, receptionists, etc.

As for the very first place where tourists get to (the airport), the senior people of Grenada personally went around it and were convinced of the implementation of all measures and safety for people.

As for the tourists themselves and their attraction, Grenada has mastered digital and actively attracts travel agents through webinars telling what is happening in the country now and how things are going with safety.

What is especially interesting is the development of domestic tourism. The government of Grenada is going to encourage the housing sector and provide special offers to local residents.

It is worth paying attention to the Citizenship by Investment program which attracts a lot of investors, especially those who want to get an E2 visa.