647 Million Euros Portugal Received Thanks To Foreign Investors

Despite what is happening in 2020, Portugal's golden visa worked and attracted new foreign investors. According to statistics, the volume of investments in 2020 decreased by 13%, and the number of approved applications during the year decreased by 5% (1182) compared to 2019.


In 2019, Portugal received 742 million euros of investment, and in 2020 this number was 647 million euros.


As for investment options, investment funds (in which 350,000 euros must be invested) have shown particular popularity. This particular option attracted six times more applicants in 2020 (compared to 2019). In total, interest in "alternative" assets increased by 9% (any investment option, except for buying real estate for 500,000 euros).


“In absolute terms, however, the strongest growth was observed in the EUR 350,000 renovation-property segment; 305 main applicants opted for fixer-uppers this year, 91 more than in 2019." - write imidaily.


However, a particularly interesting change is observed in the nationalities of investors. Americans have a sharp demand and interest in the program. They became the third in the number of applicants:


  • Chinese - 296 applications

  • Brazilians - 126 applications

  • Americans - 75 applications


This is quite a strong indicator, given the fact that they were not so interested in the golden visa program before.


Source: imidaily