59,000 Foreigners Officially Reside In Montenegro

The Government of Montenegro published the document "Strategy on migration and reintegration of returnees in Montenegro for the period 2021-2025, with an action plan for 2021 and 2022"

According to this document the total number of foreigners who resided in Montenegro on April 12, 2021, is 30,939. For clarification, the total number of approved permanent residences is classified into three categories, as follows:

  • 9,952 foreigners were granted permanent residence as displaced persons (BIH and RHR), ie internally displaced persons (Kosovo), which was made possible by the adoption of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Foreigners, from October 2009.

  • 14,145 foreigners were granted permanent residence as citizens of the states of the former SFRY who had registered residence in Montenegro, which was made possible by the Law on Foreigners from 2008, as well as the Law on Foreigners from 2014.

  • 6,842 foreigners were granted permanent residence by legally residing in Montenegro for a continuous period of five years on the basis of an approved temporary residence until the day of submitting the application for a permanent residence permit, which was provided by the Law on Foreigners from 2008. to foreigners from 2014 and the Law on Foreigners from 2018. This category also includes about 900 who received permanent residence whose one parent, at the time of his birth, is a Montenegrin citizen and has a permanent residence in Montenegro, or whose both parents, at the time of his birth, have been granted permanent residence; or whose one parent, at the time of his birth, has been granted permanent residence and the other parent is unknown or has died.

Foreigners are attracted by the constant development of the region and the advantageous territorial location. That is why the country offers foreign investors to obtain citizenship by investment.

  • Fast process, residency within 3 weeks

  • Approval of citizenship within six months 

  • No language requirements

  • No obligation to relinquish current nationality

  • NATO Member

  • Candidate country for future expansion of the EU, expected by 2025

  • Global mobility with access to 124 nations visa-free

  • Strategic geographical location in Europe with direct access to Adriatic Sea

  • An outstanding holiday destination

Investment Opportunities

  1. Government Fund Donation:

    Applicants must make a contribution of € 100,000 in the form of a government fund donation.

  2. Real Estate Investment:

    In addition to the donation, applicants are required to invest in approved real estate projects in the country such as Porto Montenegro’s latest neighborhood - Boka Place.

Minimum investment into real estate: € 450 000


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Source: gov.me

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