109 People Received Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program was launched in January 2019. The investor has the option to invest in a government fund or government-approved real estate. According to the latest document of the European Commission, 109 foreigners received citizenship (37 applicants and 72 family members).

Most of all, Russian investors are interested in citizenship. 31 people received citizenship.

  • 28 citizenships have been issued to Chinese investors

  • 12 investors from Pakistan

  • 10 from Lebanon

  • 9 from Egypt

  • 5 Turkmen businessmen also received citizenship,

  • 4 from Saudi Arabia

  • 3 from Belarus and Hong Kong

  • 2 from USA

Investment Opportunities

1. Government Fund Donation:

Applicants must make a contribution of € 100,000 in the form of a government fund donation.

2. Real Estate Investment:

In addition to the donation, applicants are required to invest in approved real estate projects in the country such as Porto Montenegro’s latest neighborhood - Boka Place.

  • Minimum investment into real estate: € 450 000

Processing Fees:

For the purpose of the costs of the procedure, applicants must make payment to the program in the amount of:

  • Main applicant € 15,000

  • Each qualifying dependent for up to four dependents € 10,000

  • Each qualifying dependent for the fifth and every next dependent € 50,000

Applicants must cover the fees for the due diligence as well as the relevant processing fees by the licensed, Government approved agent. 


Source: rtcg

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